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At Benova, we see knives as more than just a cutting tool; they’re timeless symbols of craftsmanship, precision, and artistry.

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There was never a good knife made of bad steel

- Ben Franklin

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High-grade steel, precision tools - Your knife-making dreams is coming true!


Tailored advices for your ideal knife.

A Different Kind Of Workshop

At Benova, we don’t just sell knives and blades; we immerse you in the world of craftsmanship through our unique workshops.

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Forging Class

Experience the satisfaction of shaping a work of art under the heat.

Sharpening Class

Unleash the true potential of your blades with the mastery of our sharpening class.

Carving Class

Elevate your blades into unique works of art as you master the art of carving with us.

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From forging and sharpening to crafting, our classes are your gateway to a world of knife-making excellence.

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What They Said About Bladeworks

Discover what our students say about their experiences at Benova.

- Best Workshop

This workshop is truly exceptional!
The instructors not only demonstrated all the techniques several times but also provided in-depth insights into the theories behind each action.
I’ve learnt a lot from this workshop.

Juelian Grace


- Great Experience

Venturing into forging, sharpening, and carving was a brand-new adventure for me, and it turned out to be an exhilarating and eye-opening experience!

Edward Smith


Our Forging Process

At Benova, we believe that the art of forging is more than just crafting a blade; it’s about creating a piece of history.

Dive in to know more about the fascinating rites of passage that shape a blade from an ordinary metal.

Begin at (1800F-2000F) and reduce the heat as I get closer to shape.

Slow heat to 1475F-1525F, soak if necessary and fully quench in pre-heated quench specific oil.

The first cycle is a "snap temper" at 375F for 1 hour. Subsequent tempering is done at temperatures between 400F-500F depending on the desired hardness of the piece.

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Stories Around Us

At Benova, we’re not just passionate about crafting exceptional knives; we’re dedicated to unraveling the narratives that knives hold.

Don’t Hit Too Hard

Don’t Hit Too Hard

At Benova, we understand the importance of patience and precision in blade crafting. The experienced bladesmiths often share a valuable piece of advice: ‘Don’t hit too hard.’ Well, it’s not just about the hammer; it’s a philosophy that extends to life itself too.

What Can Knife Do For You

What Can Knife Do For You

Knives have been silent witnesses to countless tales throughout history. From culinary adventures to survival tales, a knife can be your ultimate tool. Let’s explore other myriad roles that these trusted companions can play in our lives!

Sharper Than The Other

Sharper Than The Other

Just as every success conceals unseen hard work, the extraordinary sharpness of our knives conceals an intricate process that sets them apart from the rest. Dive in and together we unlock the hidden artistry of sharpness!

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