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Placing memories on photographs, keeping in life and sharing with loved ones.

Our Highlight

George Town Festival 2020

Captured the essentials of George Town Festival
and keep the moment full of memories to share

Dell Corporate Photography

Bridge provides corporate / business related photography services. We have participated in successful businesses events, corporate branding commercials and exhibitions

26. July, 2020

Happy Clients

Wedding Photography

Our wedding photography comes in 3 distinct
categories, from the anxiety of proposal, the
making of pre-wedding and the beauty &
romance of the actual day.

26. July, 2020

Our Team

Hello, we’re Bridge. We capture all the meaningful moments
for you to share with your loved one. You have fun at your
exceptional event, and let us take care of the
photography. We’re really good at it, we promise!


From wedding photography, business corporate commercials, to all the little details in your event. We capture all the festive vibes for you.

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